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The History of Tenderfoot Outfitters
Tenderfoot Outfitters
Your premier connection to Colorado’s spectacular West Elk Wilderness and your Rocky Mountain Adventure of a lifetime.
Gunnison Country's Best Adventure Outfitter Award 2005-2011
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Meet the Staff
Fred Stinson Fred Stinson - owner
– Gunnison, Colorado -

This guy lives to guide hunts. Fred successfully guided his first hunter to a great 6x6 bull in 2004 and hasn't looked back since. His extensive knowledge of the mountain comes from numerous hours spent in the saddle riding and exploring the high country. Obsessed with his hunter’s success; be prepared to pack meat if you’re hunting with this guy.

Kendal Butts, Owner Kendal Butts - owner
– Gunnison, Colorado -

Diverse in skills and knowledge, Kendall loves to share the heart of the West Elks with his clients and inspire others to find the joy and beauty in the great outdoors, just as he does. Whether on a horseback ride, in the cook tent whipping up back country cuisine, or guiding a hunt, he cares for the interest of the clients. Kendall is an outstanding chef and connoisseur and prepares some for the best home cooked meals you'll ever eat in a wilderness camp. He's also been know to guide a hunt or two, and knows how to get it done on the mountain.

Connor Howe - guide hspace= Connor Howe
– Mesa, Colorado -

What started as an internship for college credit at Western State University in 2020 has developed into a passion and profession for Connor. From Virginia to Washington and finally to Colorado he has always had a love for horses, hunting, fishing, and the outdoors. This young man is at the top of his game when it comes to finding critters, and he’s a pretty good fishing guide as well. His “no quit” attitude has lead to his hunter’s success season after season. Knowledgeable, enjoyable to be around and as tough as they come, you can’t go wrong if you draw this guy for a guide.
FYI: He got an A+ from Tenderfoot in his college internship class!

Brett Redden Hunting Guide Brett Redden
- Gunnison, Colorado -

Born and raised in the Gunnison Valley, Brett's a cowboy and rancher that grew up riding in the West Elk Wilderness. Our string of mountain horses live year round on his ranch on Ohio Creek Road. He's one of the hardest hunting, nicest guys you'll ever meet, and it's a pleasure to spend time with him on the mountain.


Taten Walker
- Westcliffe, Colorado -

Born and raised in Oklahoma, Taten grew up with a huge passion for hunting. So, in 2015 he decided to take that passion to the next level and travelled to Swan Lake, Montana where he attended Swan Mountain Wilderness Guide School. He learned the tricks of the trade, finished at the top of his class, and now his passion is to share the excitement with others when they harvest a trophy.

Taten Walker Hunting Guide

- Gunnison, Colorado -

This little fellow started running the trails with Fred when he was eight months old and hasn't stopped since. A classic Blue Heeler he came out of a shelter in Ridgeway, Colorado and is one of the luckiest dogs in the world. He loves to herd horses and chase any cattle out of camp that dare to trespass there. He's even been known to herd a few kids around camp in the summer. A friend to everyone and everyone's friend, he'll greet you with a handshake when he meets you. He loves to spend time in camp, and it sure wouldn't be the same without him.!

Buster the trail dog