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Tenderfoot Catch-A-Dream

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Catch a Dream with Tenderfoot Outfitters

Catch-A-Dream FoundationTenderfoot Outfitters became an outfitter partner with the Catch-A-Dream Foundation in 2017 and boy did we get hooked. We provide hunting and fishing trips of a life-time for youth of all ages and no words can describe the satisfaction of providing a meaningful outdoor adventure for these kids with life-threatening illnesses.


Catch a Dream fisherman Garrett

Garrett’s wish was to travel into the Colorado high country and catch a big trout. So, we packed 7 miles in on horseback to our Castle Creek Camp for a high alpine fishing trip with Garrett and his family. After a short lesson on how to fly fish for native trout in the clear mountain streams and ponds Garrett started catching and releasing numerous fish, but the big one he’d dreamed about was still out there. The following day we journeyed by horseback deeper into the wilderness to a secluded high alpine lake where the big ones hang out. The action was non-stop and Garrett caught and released several nice fish before landing a beautiful 21” Brook trout, the big boy he’d been dreaming about. After a quick measure and photo session the fish was released back into the water for the next angler to fight and release. What a great adventure for a great kid and his family. Come back anytime Garrett, you’re always welcome in our camp.


Zach the Elk Hunter

“It’s just something I thought I would like to do.” Zach said before his Colorado elk hunt. When Zach and his family arrived in Gunnison we made a trip to the rifle range for a lesson in gun handling and safety, and for Zach to try his hand at shooting a high power rifle for the first time in his life. After showing a proficiency at consistently hitting a target at 100 and 200 yards Zach was ready for his hunt. Bright and early the next morning we were at the ranch glassing for elk. A large herd was located and we planned our strategy to get Zach within shooting range of one of the bulls. A stalk through the sage brush would get us no closer than 500 yards from the herd, too long a shot for Zach. We backed out, regrouped, and planned another approach to intercept the moving herd. We set up in front of the herd and Zach patiently waited for the opportunity to take a shot. Finally, after waiting for what seemed like hours, the big 6x6 bull gave Zach his shot at 78 yards…….and he missed. The herd broke and ran over the hill into the next basin and we quickly moved to once again get in front of them. A tricky stalk got us within 50 yards of the herd and when the same 6x6 bull he had missed earlier stepped out Zach didn’t miss again. The smile on this young man’s face was something to see and this hunt was an experience we’ll never forget. A special young man, an amazing family, and a successful hunt; it just doesn’t get any better than that. Think about us every time you look at that bull hanging on your wall Zach and know that you and your family will always be a part of our family. Come back and see us again anytime.

The satisfaction of seeing kids experience an adventure they’ve dreamed about far out ways the challenges that can be involved in providing that adventure. Tenderfoot Outfitters is looking forward to partnering with the Catch-A-Dream Foundation to provide many more fishing and hunting adventures for these special kids and their families. Keep them coming our way.

To learn more about the Catch-A-Dream Foundation, visit CatchADream.org


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