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Shiras Moose Hunts

West Elk Wilderness Elk Hunts

"First ever moose hunt by Tenderfoot Outfitters! Really busted their tails to put me on moose and make my hunt successful. Great trip! Great guys! ~T. Remington, CO

The Shiras moose population has exploded in the West Elk Wilderness in the past several years, so the Colorado Parks and Wildlife has decided to issue the first bull tag for 2019. For this once-in-a-lifetime hunt, we travel 7 miles by horseback to our Castle Creek Camp, located at 10,000 feet in the heart of the best big bull moose habitat in GMU #54.

The Shiras moose also known as Wyoming moose are the smallest of North America’s moose, but are still quit large. A mature bull will stand 5’6” to 5’9” at the shoulder, weigh up to 1,200 pounds, and carry an impressive rack that spreads from 36 to 50 inches wide and weighs up to 50 pounds.

Hunting is most productive during early morning and late evening hours when the moose are active and can often be found in or near water, grazing on aquatic plants and willows, or in mountain meadows and other forest openings. Moose climb to lower mountain elevations to rest and snooze during mid day. Bull moose begin shedding velvet from their antlers in September so rubbed trees and willows, and the presence of pellet-like moose droppings called moose nuggets are good signs of a bull moose in the area.

West Elk Wilderness Moose HuntsFor most hunters the best and easiest way to bag a bull moose and get it out of the back country is to book a guided trip through an outfitter. We’ve watched these bulls through the spring and summer months and look forward to the opportunity to guide a hunter on this truly unique Colorado hunt. Years of experience in the area, along with scouting knowledge based on sightings during archery and muzzleloader elk hunts give us the ability to know exactly where to locate these mature bulls. And besides that, we’re just fun to be around.

Good weapons for hunting moose include rifles of 300 caliber of better, black powder firearms, and archery equipment.

When you’re lucky enough to draw a GMU #54
Shiras moose tag contact Tenderfoot Outfitters for the ultimate moose hunt in the best moose country in the unit. We’ll help you fill that once in a lifetime tag with a true Colorado trophy.




* NON-HUNTER - $1,500.00 *

* GUIDE: 10% - 15% OF HUNT PRICE *
* CAMP COOK: $50 - $75 *
* WRANGLER - $25 *
For your safety and the well being of our horses we have set
a physical weight limit of 240 pounds.


Meet the Guides
Shiras Moose 2020

Every once in awhile the owner gets to hunt too. Fred’s 2020
once in a lifetime Colorado Shiras Moose. 25 yard muzzleloader shot
on a great 40” 6x6 bull. GMU #54, ¼ mile from the Castle Creek Base Camp.
A big thanks to the great crew of guys who helped make it all possible.
Tenderfoot Outfitters are 100% in 2 years on Shiras Moose.

Barbed Wire
Barbed Wire

All photos and video are of live bulls in our permit.

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